Travel at a Natural Pace; Enjoy the Journey

Misty Morning at Attenborough Nature Reserve, November 2014

Poor weather should not get in the way of the slow traveller. Early morning mist is not a reason a reason to delay a journey, especially if it is just a short walk or cycle ride. It merely creates a different, but equally valuable, view of the world.

Highfields Park, NottinghamEarly autumn or spring mist simplifies our view of the world. It makes us see the big shapes rather than focusing on the detail. It provides a new, simpler, take on our world. Wrap up warm and get out early to fully appreciate this simple pleasure. It is particularly helpful if the journey takes us  away from traffic, into a  park or the countryside.

Mist does not just soften what we see but it also seems to soften noise, to absorb the sounds and provide an increased sense of peace. It adds a sense of mystery to even familiar locations; we start to see them in new, fresher, ways.

As a photographer one might expect me to be frustrated by the lack of views, of the crispness of a clear day, but not at all. I love the simplification that mist provides, the challenge of creating a meaningful image with minimal content. It is often said there is no such thing as "good" light for photography, there is just light to be photographed; we should appreciate the world as it is now, not waiting for someday  when it may be as we would wish it to be. Approached with a positive attitude mist makes that point most strongly.

Early Morning Runners, Attenborough, NottinghamFor the receptive mind, mist creates a heightened sense of awareness. It forces us to use our other senses, especially our hearing and our sense of smell but we can often taste the damp as well. The world smells so different when wrapped in the dampness of mist - usually earthy, not always pleasant, but it is as it is. It brings us much closer to nature and the here and now; a sense of just being in the moment. A walk in the mist can so easily produce a meditative sense of calm; so rare in our busy world.

Let yourself enjoy those moments.

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