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This article sets out the advertising and editorial poolicy for The Winding Way. We keep a clear separation between advertising and editorial content.


Editorial independence is central to The Winding Way.

All the articles and editorial content on The Winding Way is free of paid promotion. Where an opinion it is that of the writer, freely given. We make a clear separation between paid for content, (advertisements and the like) and editorial content. We will not use paid for links in articles; any links to suppliers are provided for the readers information and will have not been paid for by the supplier.

The Winding Way WILL NOT accept content for editorial use that has been paid for to promote an opinion, political or other views, products or services. Any writer who attempts to supply paid promotion as editorial will be barred from providing any further content.

In that respect The Winding Way will not have “advertising features” as it is our view, even when ant distinction between advertising and editorial.

Advertising and Sponsorship

The Winding Way accepts advertising but it is solely the responsibility of the advertiser to match their advertisements to our articles; we will not write to meet advertisers expressed desires. We maintain a clear separation between editorial and advertising.

Similarly with sponsors; we will acknowledge their support and show their banners or advertisements. They will have no say in the editorial direction of The Winding Way and they will decide on the basis of the editorial content whether they wish to be associated with the site. We will welcome their support on that basis.

Potential sponsors or banner advertisers should e-mail:

Reviews and Product Tests

From time to time we will conduct reviews of products and services. Books, for example, are often provided free for reviews. We do accept complimentary books, products and services on the basis that the review will be our view and not a promotion. We will express our considered opinion; it may be negative but will not seek to be gratuitously rude.

In our extensive experience as a book reviewer we have never found expressing an honest opinion to be a problem with publishers. They still thank us and offer further titles for review. Publishers recognise that honest reviewers are valuable as it makes their reviews more credible and in the long term useful to both reader and publisher.

We are happy to consider books, products and service, even sponsored trips, for review where they fit with:

·         The Winding Way concept of natural or mindful travel

·         Our policy of editorial and promotional separation

·         Opinions will be honestly and freely expressed.

For those who would like The Winding Way to review their product or service please e-mail Martin Wilson at

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