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Flipside Brewery, casks awaiting filling

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As I have said before there is no need to go far to explore; slow travel is about engaging with people and places as we journey along The Winding Way wherever that takes us. 

I am making a new start in 2014 and devoting myself full time to photography, writing and The Winding Way.I started on that new journey with the kind permission of Andrew and Maggie Dunkin of the Flipside Brewery in Colwick, near Nottingham. I will be documenting their year and was able to get the project under way when they brewed for the first time in 2014. It will be a photographic challenge as it is not the most obviously photogenic process and visibility of key steps is often limited by steam but I aim to get enough pictures for a small exhibition at the end of the year and to perhaps produce a small fine art photobook.

With anything the key is to get started, then to stick with it and learn as one goes. I have taken those first tentative steps and a couple of pictures are included here. Over the coming months I will refine my approach and as I improve my results I will show samples here. I have always found brewing and wine making a fascinating process and I am delighted that Flipside are allowing me to learn more about the process and especially how they develop new beers.

Andrew Dunkin mashing the malt NA200037 © M-dash/ Martin P WilsonI have already discovered an interesting side benefit; I now have a need and excuse to learn more about beer! I have tended to be a wine drinker so I have rather neglected the fine products of these shores, a failing that I am starting to rectify. With the resurgence of real ale and the growth of microbreweries, like Flipside, means there is plenty of research material available. As a courtesy to my hosts I am starting my studies by working my way through their beers and I am grateful for Andrew and Maggies’ willingness to share their knowledge.

Flipside Brewery has some exciting plans for the future and I am looking forward to watching them come to fruition, recording them and being able to share the story with others. Initially I will provide occasional stories here on The Winding Way as the “Flipside Brewery Year” fits with our wider interest in food and drink. As I learn more about beer and brewing I will share that knowledge with readers here on The Winding Way.

But that is the joy of slow travel, discoveries and interesting people may be on your doorstep. You just need to keep your eyes and ears open; have a receptive mind..

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