Travel at a Natural Pace; Enjoy the Journey

Lambley, finger post road sign

Guidance is All Around

Directions to the winding way are everywhere. If you have an open mind they can come from most unexpected places. An overheard or chance remark, a reference found whilst searching for something else or a road sign or an interesting sight spotted whilst travelling.

We have already mentioned getting a glimpse of the ruins of Whorlton Castle whilst travelling from Stokesley. It prompted the article on the Abandoned Village of Whorlton. That article was the result of an interesting couple of hours in and around the village with a bit of online research to find out more when we got home

With an open mind the pleasure of research, whether traditionally through books and libraries, or online using the internet can be enhanced by spotting other points of interest. While researching the Hemlock Stone, Druidic Remains or Geological Oddity? article we discovered other geological oddities in our home county of Nottinghamshire. They are not destinations but have been stored away as diversions for when travelling close by in the future.

Talking to people about their own travels, where they live or what they do will spark ideas for further travel. An old acquaintance brought to mind can lead to new ideas for travel; it happened to us, a series of coincidences meant we have changed our travel plans so that we can meet up with some old friends and explore parts of the country we do not, yet, know. Flexibility of mind and plans is the secret of The Winding Way; we were heading in one direction but a chance remark about a remembered friend and we are heading somewhere completely different. That is possible because The Winding Way is about the journey; it is not about destinations or deadlines.

The secret is that the traveller and explorer is always on the winding way and an open mind will find plenty of opportunities for exploration. There is real pleasure of finding something for the first time or seeing an opportunity for exploration in the future. Indeed, the pleasures of exploring the winding way are threefold. The anticipation of finding something for future exploration, the pleasure of actual exploration and then the memories brought back in conversation or by research to find out more about a previous discovery. The pleasure is often magnified by any or all of these moments providing yet more opportunities for personal discovery.

Read, listen and start the journey along your winding way.

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