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Sledging in Wollaton Park

2013 was a challenging year in many ways and The Winding Way got neglected. Over the remainder of the winter we will catch up with happenings from last year as we prepare and plan for new travels in 2014.

Our mobile home will be going back to Mandale for some tweaks and changes to make it even better for our purposes. We will share our trials, tribulations and lessons along with our pleasures and discoveries from our first nine months with our Renault Master based Mandale Liberté. Despite limited free time we still managed to get away for around 40 nights and over 5,000 miles.

Having a well-equipped campervan proved very useful at Christmas as it gave us a second kitchen and especially another oven to help us prepare a sumptuous Christmas lunch. As it was the first time we had really used the oven for a substantial meal we were delighted to discover we could roast a large, 4kg, piece of beef to perfection. On our travels we will now have full confidence we will be able to cook whatever takes our fancy. So new culinary journeys beckon.

Chris Walker BSB2013 MJ200141 ©M-fash/ Martin P WilsonWe will need to press on and get the van prepared for 2014 as it is only a few weeks before we plan to get away for our first long weekend of 2014. In the coming year Martin hopes to be accredited to some more motor sport events and the van is an excellent base from which to work and live. I used it when I covered the British Superbike Championship Final Showdown at Brands Hatch over a very wet three days at the end of October. I was able to stay at the track with only a few minutes’ walk to the Media Centre; a huge advantage when carrying heavy equipment in pouring rain.

We have new plans and our motorhome will be invaluable as we travel to meet interesting people following their enthusiasms as they share their hopes, dreams, and even eccentricities. If initial conversations are anything to go by it should be an uplifting year and give hope that the world is a better place than it often seems from the mainstream media. We wish you well as you follow your dreams in 2014.

Martin & Alison Wilson

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