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In response to my previous blog post, Enjoy Local Produce, Justin Norman wrote on Twitter “It is something I am passionate about, it doesn't have to be abroad; you can drive that message even for a short walk in the UK”.

Justin makes a heartfelt appeal in his piece In Defence of Local. He is absolutely right and it is the essence of The Winding Way. Mindful travel, indeed much mindful living, starts before you even step outside your home. It does not matter what country you are in or whether you live in town or country; one can enjoy high-quality food. It may be just round the corner.

But when we travel we want to experience the real place that is the essence of The Winding Way; take it slow and appreciate wherever we are. We want to experience the local specialities: food, wine, beer, cider of culture. Not an approximation shipped in from a factory at the other end of the country.

I cited French markets as our inspiration, as indeed they are, mainly because there is still a much wider respect for good produce and producers on continental Europe. It is changing in Britain and in the USA with farmer’s markets, food fairs and artisan producers of beer, bread, cheese and other products. However it takes commitment to use them as a principal source of our food.

As part of following The Winding Way we need to adopt the same mindful approach to our local travels and our activity in our neighbourhoods. Seek out the best our home locality can offer and by doing so we will encourage more producers to serve local needs by making the best seasonal produce available. The more mindful we are as consumers, the better food, and other services, we will get. Food is at its best when it is in season and has not travelled – the fresher the better. So use your best local producers whenever possible; it gets easier to do as more of us demand the best.

We need to get back to understanding how and where our food is produced. It more easily starts at home by using local growers and producers wherever possible. By adopting such awareness in our approach to life generally the natural travel approach of The Winding Way can become second nature. By engaging with the best our world has to offer can only make our lives richer and our world, at least our small part of it, a better place for everyone.

We share Justin Norman passion for good local food. He writes The South Downs blogspot and is “A Sussex Tramp” on Twitter. So Justin, we too will be driving a similar message to yourself; the more of us who do so the better. Share the message with anyone who will listen!

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