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Finding Refreshments Off the Beaten Track

Travellers may find it difficult to get refreshments when journeying outside towns in Britain, at least in England. A Sunday morning journey through some of the villages of the Trent Valley reminded us of this when we were not able to find anywhere to sit and have a mid-morning coffee.

Visitors especially from overseas, when travelling in Britain need to be aware that outside towns and off the main roads it can be a difficult to get a drink, even a tea or a coffee, before the public houses open at 12 noon. In some cases there may be a shop in larger villages that sells soft drinks and snacks. Off the winding way, tourist attractions and visitor centres will have cafés or snack bars where refreshments will be available.

However, travellers following The Winding Way will usually be off the beaten track and will need to carry their own refreshments, for the morning at least, with them.

Small villages often do not have a shop but will usually have a public house. At least the pubs do tend to stay open during the afternoon, even on a Sunday, and usually now do tea and coffee as well. Most country pubs and inns do food; it tends to be traditional home cooked fare. Usually menus will include roast dinners, fish and chips or pies with the odd exotic intruder such as chilli con carne or lasagne that are now mainstream British fare. While it is not fine dining or haute cuisine the meals are, usually, generous in their portion size, competently prepared and reasonably priced. Grossly over-cooked vegetables are generally, and thankfully, a thing of the past.

All that said there are occasional places whose food is exceptional; where we meet such places we will draw them to the attention of travellers on The Winding Way. Similarly when me meet genuinely poor food, fortunately not too often, we will advise our readers.

To finish our morning's trip through the Trent Valley we had a pleasant enough meal at The Cross Keys in Epperstone, the cod and prawn fish cakes were particularly appreciated.

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