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Midland Station Concourse, Nottingham

The new main concourse at Nottingham (Midland) railway station reopened to passengers today (31 March 2014). The entrance is now a much more pleasant place, bright and airy with the new glazing in the roof of the outer concourse giving a view of the clock tower. It will give a much better impression to people arriving in Nottingham.

Midland Station Concourse, Nottingham The porte cochère (covered vehicle entrance) previously used by cars and taxis is now pedestrianized and extends the original concourse into a new outer concourse. There are new kiosks and shops but most have not yet opened. There is a new ticket office at the Queen’s Road opposite end and there were queues even late morning on the opening day. It seem the expectation is that most people will collect tickets, bought online, from the machines that run along the wall separating the concourse from the platforms.

Work will continue to upgrade the platform facilities and a new southern concourse is to be built on Queen’s Road. The aim is to combine the train station with the new tram hub at Queen's Road and the Broadmarsh bus station to create a major transport hub for the city.

 Midland Station, NottinghamThe whole Edwardian building has been cleaned, there is now no shrubbery growing out of the gutters and parapets. The station is bright in its terracotta finish and the façade and concourse, at least, do the city of Nottingham better justice.

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