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Food stall, Arles Market, France

Finding a Sense of Place

Glass of Beer KE25010w480A key part of the plan for The Winding Way is to fully appreciate the places we visit. It is not about simple sightseeing; visiting sites the guide books suggest. It is about much more; it is about taking time to get to know a place, or at least part of it, properly.

We believe that one way to really appreciate a place is through its food. We always aim to eat in local restaurants and choose local specialities; dishes that reflect the traditional culture of the region. But we want to go further and celebrate the people who produce food with a sense of place.

That sense of place is probably best expressed by the French concept of terroir that is so strongly associated with wine and associated products such as Cognac. It is increasingly used for other products. Simply put, terroir is about the growing conditions, the soil, the climate and the terrain that produce subtle variations in the grapes and thence the final wine. But terroir defies rigid definition as it also gets other, more metaphysical, elements folded into the idea. Whatever the definition it is that sense of place that we want to capture and share.

We are hoping readers will recommend or even introduce us to local growers and artisan producers of food and other local products. It is not simply about traditional products as new traditions are being created all the time. It is about the belief in the personal involvement in the production process rather than soulless automated manufacturing.

But it is not just food production or artisan food processing. The Winding Way is also interested in products that are particularly associated with a place that are created with special passion and quality.

We want to find and share the stories of people, products and places with our readers. So we are looking for the help of our readers, other travellers on the winding way, to share their discoveries. So if you know of such people, products and places please let us know by e-mail to People-Products-Places at the Winding Way. Or you can leave a comment on the web site. At the moment we are particularly interested in people, products and places, in the UK or France and hopefully Spain towards the end of the year.

We look forward to hearing, and sharing, your stories as you share your winding way.


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